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Living Life Counselling is the affordable, easy access counselling service in Bray

Living Life Counselling is a low cost affordable and accessible service offered to those persons in our community affected by addiction and are either in receipt of social welfare payments, unemployed or on a low income. Our service provides one to one counselling to those persons attempting to remain drug or alcohol free. This includes young persons under the age of 18. We provide family support through one to one counselling sessions and/or couples counselling to those affected by addiction. Our work can also incorporate working with younger clients (aged five years and over) through a number of mediums such as play therapy.
An initial assessment of need is provided, in conjunction with the client, to ascertain if counselling is an appropriate therapy for them at the specific time when they present. One of our four part time accredited staff counsellors will allocate up to fifty minutes of face to face contact to complete this process with each client.
Occasionally this meeting may necessitate follow up contact with a professional third party who is actively and currently working with the client in another therapeutic framework (usually a GP or psychiatrist). The client’s permission is always sought before any such 3rd party contact is taken. When this process has been completed, the client is matched with a volunteer counsellor who is qualified to work with them on their specifically named issues. The usual duration of client engagement offered is six months with exceptions made if the staff counsellor feels that the client requires longer intervention.
During 2019, we provided support to 364 clients within the Wicklow area who have been impacted by addiction to drugs or alcohol or both. 237 clients were dealing with issues related to alcohol and 127 clients were dealing with issues related to drugs.
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