Who we are

Bray Local Drug and Alcohol Task Force is a cluster of statutory organisations, community groups and public representatives that aim to address the drug problem in Bray. The Task Force has in place prevention and education programmes, treatment services for active users and rehabilitation service. To address addiction related problems is an on-going, multi-dimensional and evolving effort.

This means that in essence the services that are in place are constantly adapting to new trends, new developments in drug use and in developments in drug treatment services. This is in line with the National Drug Strategy 2009-2016.

The Task Force is one of 14 LDTAF’s ( 12 in Dublin, one in Cork one in Bray) that were established after a recommendation in the 1997 Rabbtite report on the growing drug problem in Ireland. Bray received LDTF status in 2001.

The Task Force in Bray consists of representatives from the HSE addiction service, the ETB ( former VEC), the probation service, the Gardai, and Bray Town Council. There are 2 elected counsellors. The community sector are represented by members from Bray Area Partnership, Bray Travellers CDG, Little Bray FRC and Ballywaltrim CDP, the Family Support Network and Bray Youth Service. The voluntary sector is represented by a representative of the Community Addiction Team.

Preventative projects aim to equip youth, young parents and those at risk of substance misuse with the tools and information that reduces the probability of progression to addictive behaviour. This intervention starts with primary schools. Youth development work and youth work aim to build on the self-esteem and capacity of the individual. The education project provides up to date information on current drug advice to schools, youth groups and parent groups.

Addiction treatment services aims to engage with service users at any stage of their drug use. This means that an active user can access low threshold service for advice, harm reduction intervention and a place to explore options.

There are interventions aimed at active users, users contemplating treatment, reducing their drug use or abstinence. There are after care interventions aimed at those who have completed a detox, drug free rehabilitation or have become drug free while in prison.

In line with the National Drug Strategy (2009 to 2016) and the National Drug Rehabilitation Implementation Committee the Task Force aims to provide a drug service or intervention at any stage of drug use, in order to minimise the harm done to the individual, their health and their community. It provides opportunities for the drug user to address their drug use in the context of their own situation.

For further information contact us on : brayldtf@gmail.com, or contact the coordinator Colm Walsh 087 462 3501

Bray local drug & alcohol Task force annual report

BLFATF Annual Report.pdf